Louis Vuitton named the most popular luxury fashion brand in UK

Louis Vuitton named the most popular luxury fashion brand in UK
Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854.

As a brand loyal nation, it’s clear to see why some of us are drawn to certain brands more than others.

A new study by Raisin UK has identified which luxury retailer is most popular in different countries, by analysing online shopping habits to see which brand is being searched for the most.

Since the brand was founded in 1854, Louis Vuitton has been been turning heads of designer lovers around the world. Known for their handbags, their high end ranges sell for thousands of pounds and frequently appear on those celebrity Instagram posts.


It takes the crown of being the most popular brand in the UK, with an average of 823,000 searches every month as fashionistas alike hunt for the iconic Louis Vuitton print.

Balenciaga takes second place in the UK having gained its reputation for quirky, modern, styles donned by Instagram influencers and celebrities on a regular basis.

Balenciaga attracts 368,000 searches every month, proving its popularity. Gucci, the home of well-reported family feuds from the 80s, continues to remain popular in the luxury brands market. Gucci also acquires 368,000 searches every month, putting it on par with Balenciaga.

In America, Louis Vuitton continues its success story. The brand is hugely popular in the New York fashion scene, as well as in the wardrobes of many a Hollywood star. In the US, Louis Vuitton achieves an incredible 4.09m monthly searches, and probably a few million in their bank account too.

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