Wednesday, June 26, 2019
shop floor staff

COMMENT: Supporting and investing in shop floor staff is crucial

The retail industry has an elephant in the room – it suffers from one of the highest employee turnover rates of all industries in the UK.
Kate Thornton

Big Interview: Kate Thornton, Founder of

Kate Thornton may be someone you associate more with the bright lights of the entertainment industry than the boardrooms of the retail world, but...

5 Minutes With Rob Harper, Director of Mobile Commerce, PayPal UK

We caught up with the Rob Harper, the Director of Mobile Commerce for PayPal UK

How can retailers avoid HMRC trouble when it comes to National Minimum Wage?

With news of the National Minimum Wage dominating headlines regardling the retail sector last week, legal experts have said employers needed to be as...
Marie Claire

Retail Gazette Loves: Fabled by Marie Claire’s striking concept store

If you‘re a regular in London‘s Tottenham Court Walk shopping precinct, you have noticed the brand new Fabled by Marie Claire shop.

Big Interview: Dan Soanes-Brown founder of HiCi

Dan Soanes-Brown has risked a lot to get to where he is. The founder of HiCi and inventor of the TrigJig products, his range...

5 Minutes With Richard Weaver, Majestic Wine’s Head of Buying and Merchandising

When Majestic was launched back in 1980, customers loved the unique parcels of wine that you couldn‘t find anywhere else. In the 1990s and...

Race cars, oil and debt: The career of BHS’ Dominic Chappell

He has been described by some as a “millionaire playboy” and by others as the man who brought down BHS. As a man who...

The “go economy” isn’t going away, how can retailers keep up?

Last week Tesco announced its one-day delivery service to rival AmazonFresh, the ecommerce giant‘s grocery service which has the Big 4 worried.This is less...

Retail Gazette Loves: Weve Smart Mobile Coupons

Weve have launched a new mobile coupon system allowing shoppers to redeem vouchers using their smart phones. The smart scanner mobile coupon, launched this...

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[EBook] Improve Competitive Advantage With Sophisticated Analytics

Multiple sources of data and manual processes cause many time-consuming issues that affect profit. With sophisticated analytics and big data tools you can get...