Friday, February 28, 2020

41% of retailers will not deploy MPOS


Despite the increasing availability of in-store technology, 41 per cent of retailers will not be deploying Mobile Payment of Sale (MPOS) across their stores, according to research.

In a recent survey conducted by Electronic Payment of Sale (EPOS) & e – commerce supplier Cybertill, 59 per cent of participants said ‘yes‘ or ‘maybe‘ to the prospect of operating MPOS across their stores.

Throughout the months of May and June, over 600 retailers in the North of England took part in the Cybertill survey and those who looked favourably on rolling out new technology were from a wide spectrum of sectors including fashion, furniture, sports and footwear.

Ian Tomlinson, CEO of Cybertill, commented: “ I believe mobile EPOS systems are a great tool for added customer service, but I also believe that mobile POS should be deployed to add value and not just as an expensive gimmick.

“However, I think when this question is asked in twelve months‘ time, mobile POS will have gained greater traction in the retail environment and be a proven solution that more retailers will be looking to deploy across their business.”

Elsewhere in the poll, 54 per cent of retailers said they felt ‘very confident‘ about the next six months despite the increasing cost of living and downturn in the economy.

Charity retailers and those in the cycle trade felt the most optimistic about the future thanks to a burgeoning market and focus on delivering customer service and ecommerce in order to drive growth.

Despite the fact that the London Olympics loom large in the minds of retailers, 54 per cent expect the Games to make little difference to revenue, although 19 per cent expect London to generate the most profit from the sports event.

Tomlinson added: “The results from the survey are a fillip for retail but also highlight that there are businesses doing well and that are confident despite the on-going negativity surrounding the economy.

“It was refreshing that there were a variety of reasons for the confidence.

“It also highlighted that if retailers do the simple things well – excellent customer service, backed by knowledgeable and well trained staff – they can thrive in this environment.”