Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Iceland shoppers most likely to recommend supermarket to friends, says survey


As discounters continue to eat up market share from the big four supermarkets it has emerged that Iceland shoppers are most likely to recommend their supermarket to friends.

The Market Force study of 2,500 found that Waitrose and Iceland scored the highest satisfaction from consumers, with Iceland ranking first in accurate pricing and tagging and second for fast checkouts.

Iceland, which launched a new online appliances shop last week, was said to provide low prices and good sales promotions.

Simon Boydel, Global Marketing Manager for Market Force said many supermarket brands are putting a strong emphasis on price on promotions but added focusing on customer service could reap benefits.

“Customers like to feel valued which can be achieved through having courteous and well-informed staff available to assist them, creating an inviting atmosphere, and providing faster check-outs for example,” he said.

Waitrose and Marks and Spencer vied for top position when it came to consumers‘ perceptions of high-quality and healthy product. Waitrose topped the leader board for high quality meat, good private label brands, natural and organic options and sustainable practices but M&S pipped them to the post for high quality produce and nutritional/health information.