Friday, August 12, 2022

Pep&Co confident about its place on the British high street

Following its launch last year, value chain Pep&Co will be rolling out 10 to 15 more stores across the UK in addition to its 50 existing sites.

The retailer, which is currently featuring on ITV series Bargain Shop Wars, has encouraged viewers to suggest where it should open new stores and will be using customers‘ feedback to advise its retail strategy over the next year.

“We‘ve already had more than 7,000 potential customers request that their town be the next to get a Pep&Co,” said Managing Director Adrian Mountford.

The chain, backed by South African billionaire Christo Wiese, continues its store rollout at a turbulent time in the retail sector with BHS and Austin Reed both falling into administration this week, in addition to accelerating business rates, wage costs and a slowdown in retail sales last month.

Nonetheless, Mountford claims that he is “stone-cold certain” that there is still a demand for value fashion and schoolwear products on the high street.

“We‘ve adapted and improved our offer over the past few months to reflect what customers tell us they want from us. We‘re stone-cold certain we have the opportunity to now build a very strong business, giving customers close-to-home access to low-priced, great-quality fashion.”



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