Aldi names Giles Hurley new UK CEO as Matthew Barnes moves to bigger role


Aldi has named a new chief executive for its British and Irish operations as the current boss is promoted to an expanded role within the German grocer’s parent company.

The discount grocer has confirmed that Matthew Barnes will take up a new position on Aldi Süd’s coordination board in April and make way for Giles Hurley, who will become the new UK and Ireland chief executive.

Hurley, who is the current group managing director with responsibility for Aldi’s operations in Ireland, will step into his new role on May 1 and will report directly to Barnes.

In his enlarged role, Barnes will focus on Aldi’s operations in the UK, Ireland, and the US.

He will also join the board of Hofer KG, which acts as management holding for Aldi’s Austrian and international shareholdings.

Barnes, who has been with Aldi since 1997, is credited with overseeing the supermarket’s dramatic rise from upstart to challenger to the Big 4 grocers.

Hurley is also an Aldi veteran, having spent almost 20 years at the retailer over which time he has held down roles such as training director, group buying director before his current role as group managing director since 2015.

Aldi, which has more than 700 stores in the UK and 29,000 staff, has an ambitious strategy to have a network of 1000 stores by 2022.

Just this year alone, it plans to launch 70 new UK stores and recruit 4000 staff.

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  1. your new add were the lady passes wind is absolutely disgusting .I think your add team needs to alter it from farting .

  2. It’s a pity that their customer service team is most unpleasant to deal with,I complained about a item I purchased for a elderly neighbor who cut her finger on a staple it took all my time to get them to send her a apology let alone a gesture of goodwill in the form of food vouchers even flowers would have been a nice thought absolutely disgusting customer service

  3. Just been badly treated by an over officious, unpleasant and “I’m only following orders” security guard in Aldi, Spalding because I reused an Aldi cool bag for my shopping which I purchased in full view of him. He chased me out of the store and demanded that I open my bag. I tearfully complied but decided to return all my goods and get a cash refund. The manager obliged but did not speak to the security guard and did not offer any comfort. I left my pre-purchased clean bag there and declined a refund for it.
    I’ve just been treated with dignity and care at Sainsbury Spalding and will save up to shop here

  4. My Father who is nearing 90 has just spent £47 pounds in Aldi. He accidentally overstayed his shopping time by 16 mins and has now been presented with a threatening Notice from ParkEye for a £40 immediate payment of £70.

    This has proved stressful and these Notices are not enforceable if I understand this correctly.

    Disgusting that Aldi allows this practice to happen.

    • Dear Kris
      This is a civil matter & would cost Aldi a lot more in court costs alone then there’s their legal fees. They will plea it’s a private company “we have no control over them!” This is absolute rubbish the parking company legally are ‘representing’ (have a contractual agreement with Aldi) so they do have control, Furthermore the LAND is owned more than likely knowing Aldi as I do (if leased they still hold overall responsibility of the day to day operations & up-keep of the land). All the best Regards Mr Oscar.

  5. My local Aldi in Rochdale (Sudden) is closing in August, what are the chances of Aldi opening up again in the Sudden area of Rochdale?

    There’s a large retail unit vacant on Roch Valley Way, which would mean locals of the Sudden area would still have easy access to an Aldi Supermarket.

  6. I do my shopping at Aldi every fortnight spending average of £80 per basket. An average of £2000 a year and everytime I’m in Aldi, hodge hill, Birmingham, I am disgustingly rushed at the tills. Today I was at the till with my young 2 kids and upon asking the deputy manager for a minute so I can quickly pack my shopping into my already open bags in the trolley, he held me up for good 5 minutes very rudely explaining the policy about packing my shopping after I’ve paid for it, basically throwing into the trolley and then taking it out to bag it. As he carried on Humiliating me in public saying ‘ I should expect this kind of service in a budget supermarket’ He left me no choice but to leave my £80 trolley and walk out. I am persuing this incident further.

  7. A lot of negative reviews here…my experience has been 99% positive, and I think that you need to accept that you are shopping in a very efficiently run store, where time delays to tills will lead to consequences elsewhere for other customers and staff; principally as the man/lady on the till will be the same one stocking food on the shelves later on. Everyone knows you have to be quick at the till, and if that means whamming it in and organising it later in the boot of your car for the sake of saving, what 30-40% of a competitor shop, then sorry, that’s a small price to pay isn’t it? The rate of service in places like Sainsburys and Morrisons is very slow, and after having been shopping at Aldi for 3 years I sometimes lose patience at the length of time if takes for a CSR to serve you in once of those places

    • Seriously I don’t think running people out of the store in any way enhances efficiency or profitability. The check outs are designed with the intention of preventing packing. and the staff are trained to rush customers through. To what end,? they will close a till and the staff member will disappear to the staff room.It does not save Aldi money. A rush to the bottom no desire to enhance the experience with common decency which by the way is free of charge. My local Aldi (Bexhill on Sea) is only made tolerable by the presence of some wonderful female staff members, unfortunately there are also some utter ignorants on the staff there too including but not limited to supervisory staff. You can be budget and pleasant you know. With regard to time delays at the till I struggle to understand that rationale. The existence of the store depends on what happens at the till you can pack as many shelves as you like but if no one goes to the tills you are out of work. I don’t accept this philosophy that efficient must mean treat customers like sheep. There is an implication in this behavior that the people using Aldi are somehow less deserving of decent treatment because they are shopping in a budget outlet and so can be considered poorer or penny pinching of “struggling” and that permeates the entire attitude of the company to its customers.

  8. My wife and I regularly shop in your Boston Lincs store and find that all the staff from the Manager down are always without exception the friendliest and most helpful we have come across. Thank You all at Boston.


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