Play and display: How to win in the new age of retail

There is no doubting the rapid digitisation that is sweeping through UK retail. This is clearly seen in all levels of the industry: from technology-enabled supply chains and growing ecommerce sales through to autonomous checkouts and in-aisle self-service within stores. Every retailer is somewhere on that journey, and the level of digitisation they adapt can determine not only the way the stores look, feel and function – but also provide differentiation from competitors.

In this modern era, shops are now just a mere facet of a retailer’s brand experience – rather than the only point of contact with customers. If anything, shops are increasingly becoming showrooms – which caters to the growing trend of the online merging with the physical. Places where customers visit to inspect products while also using the internet to compare prices or search for related products.

So it’s no wonder that forward-thinking retailers are ploughing huge amounts of investment into great design, tech, inspiration and expertise. They can be used for straightforward marketing purposes, or help retailers create interactive and personalised experiences and provide additional information so many shoppers are seeking.

In this new Samsung and Retail Gazette report, Play and display: How to win in the new age of retail, readers will learn of three things retailers should do to win and retain new customers in the new era of digitisation and “harmonised retail”. The first is creating brand differentiation and bringing the brand story to life in standout ways. The second is seamless customer experiences, which remove friction across the customer journey and finally, transforming the in-store environment, and making it a data-driven sales tool.

The report also explores the benefits of so-called harmonised retail and the route to success, using examples and commentary from those at the heart of the sector. It also highlights the impact digital display can have on a brand’s store presence in the new age of retail.

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