Seasalt’s new workplace initiative prompts sales increase

Laura Watson Seasalt chief creative officer CCO
Seasalt now has 65 stores across the UK
// Seasalt’s sales jumped up to 10% since embarking on its workplace culture initiative
// Culture Amp brings improved employee engagement, facilitating fast positive change

Seasalt has revealed a jump in sales since it launched a new workplace culture initiative for its employees.

Culture Amp – a people and culture platform – has reportedly contributed to increased sales between five and 10 per cent across the fashion and lifestyle retailer’s stores.

The platform engages with employees to identify and address areas for improvement while measuring the impact of change and providing support when needed.


“We suspected there were issues for employees but without a better understanding into the specifics, we couldn’t put the right measures in place to address them,” Seasalt head of development and engagement James Hampton said.

“Paper-based surveys are time-consuming and the findings often out-of-date by the time they have been processed,”

“Engaging employees digitally would help us better understand our people and make positive change happen as quickly as possible.”

Seasalt carried out its first employee engagement survey in 2018 and 90 per cent of employees participated, providing over 4000 comments on what worked and what didn’t.

Since the findings the retailer has implemented a number of new initiatives including increased holiday benefits and formal in-person guided mediation sessions.

A repeat survey in 2019 showed that the approach was working as the results for most questions had improved by at least four to five per cent.

“First time around, some managers were scoring 100 per cent when it came to feedback and recognition while others were as low as five percent for the same category,” Hampton said.

“Ultimately all stores will be operating on a par with each other and all employees will feel equally engaged and fulfilled about a long-term career at the company.”

Seasalt launched in 2005 and since then it has opened 64 stores and has over 1000 employees, opening 11 stores a year on average since 2014.

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