5 Minutes With Samantha Crutchlow, Head of Design & Sales, OKAYLA

It's no secret that the influence and popularity of sports attire has become such a big part of the world of mainstream fashion in...
consumer confidence

Consumer confidence explained

Is consumer confidence a product of a turbulent and confusing economic landscape or are the results simply inaccurate?
Sir Ken Morrison

Retail Gazette Loves: Sir Ken Morrison

Sir Ken Morrison was a man respected not only his inherent talent for business, but for his sharp wit and straight-talking manner.
Kim Bayley, CEO, Entertainment Retailers Association

Big Interview: Kim Bayley, CEO, Entertainment Retailers Association

Last year was an incredibly turbulent year for retail. From the downfall of many historic retailers to the ailing fashion industry, to the paradigm...

COMMENT: The tech innovations that could change retail forever

Over the next decade, technology will be a key driver in transforming the retail industry and the consumer shopping experience.

5 Minutes With Olivia Cantillon, Co-founder, OwnTheLook.com

Ahead of its launch, the Retail Gazette caught up with co-founder Olivia Cantillon to find out more about OwnTheLook.com

Could Chinese New Year be the biggest retail opportunity of the last year?

Saturday January 28 marks the beginning of Chinese New Year, with millions of tourists from Asia expected to flock to the UK to celebrate the start of the year of the rooster.

Retail Gazette Loves: Ladybird Books for Adults

Last Christmas saw the adult colouring craze sweep the nation, boosting sales at WH Smith‘s to heights not seen for over a decade. However,...
Donald Trump

What the Trump/May trade deal could mean for UK retail

In a matter of days, new US President Donald Trump has already begun a seismic shift in global socioeconomics. Over in the UK, with Brexit...
Emma Alexander

5 Minutes With Emma Alexander, Chief Product Officer, Jack Wills

Jack Wills recently launched its first-ever sportswear range for women — and so we caught up with the woman who is responsible for it all: Emma Alexander.

Feature Resource

[Webinar] Rising to Today’s Retail Sanitation Challenge

Welcome Back Your Customers Through Best Practices & Robotics The recent health crisis has prioritized cleaning efficacy in retail environments around the globe. But what...