143 leading brands sign circular fashion pledge

Circular Fashion

Major fashion brands have signed up to a worldwide scheme aimed at creating a circular fashion economy.

The Global Fashion Agenda‘s Call to Action for a Circular Fashion System, has seen around 7.5 per cent of the world‘s fashion industry pledge its support.

One hundred and forty-three fashion retailers and 64 companies, including the likes of Asos, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Zara parent company Inditex, H&M and Tommy Hilfiger, have signed up for the scheme.

The commitment involves defining a circular business strategy by the end of the year, creating targets for 2020 and publishing their progress of implementing these commitments.

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Each brand committed to one or more action points which cover a range of goals geared towards increasing the volume of used garments in their retail operations, alongside a boost in the use of recycled fabrics.

The Call to Action campaign was launched in May during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.

The Global Fashion Agenda will reportedly play a central role in the initiative, offering network, knowledge and advocacy to aid companies in moving away from linear models.

Alongside annual reports every May, it will release “toolboxes” to aid retailers in each step towards implementing the new strategy.

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