Majestic bucks trend paying women 4.2% more than men

Majestic Wine

Majestic Wine has revealed that it pays women more than men despite employing significantly more males.

The owner of the Majestic Wines chain, Naked Wines and Lay & Wheeler has bucked the overwhelming gender pay gap trend after revealing that the average mean pay for women is 4.2 per cent higher than men, rising to 5.5 per cent in median terms.

This compares to the UK average pay gap where women are paid 18.4 per cent below their male counterparts.

Majestic employs significantly more men (73.7 per cent) in “lower quartile” warehouse jobs, having a significant effect on the overall average.

Despite this, the number of men in the upper pay quartiles remains well above women, only dropping below 70 per cent in the top pay tier at 66.6 per cent.

“Our ambition is to increase the number of women in our business, whilst continuing to pay fairly,” the alcohol retailer said.

“We are committed to improving how we attract, engage and develop women as well as other under-represented groups.

“Each year, Majestic Wine PLC receives fewer job applications from women than from men. This explains the fewer number of women employed by the group.”

In efforts to tackle this disparity, Majestic have pledged to improve maternity support and flexible working hours.

It has also created several new recruitment campaigns aimed to diversify job applicants.

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  1. So by having a bias towards paying woman more than men it’s seen as fine? This isn’t EQUAL!

    If the title was woman paid 4.2% less than men at Majestic it would be seen as awful yet by paying them 4.2% more than men it’s seen as fine?


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