Click & Collect tech giant Doddle launches in US

Click & collect
// Doddle to launch in US for the first time
// Represents huge opportunity for the click-and-collect brand to break into $3.5 trillion market

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Doddle has announced its launch into the United States for the first time since its inception in 2014, marking a huge opportunity for the company amid the $3.5 trillion American retail market.

The click-and-collect technology company has grown dramatically in the UK since it was founded, boasting the likes of Debenhams, Morrisons, Asos, Amazon and Ebay as its retail partners.

Its technology allows physical retailers to open in-store click-and-collect points which customers can use to collect items they have ordered from that retailer, or any other Doddle partner many of whom don’t have a physical retail presence.

The technology also utilises Doddle’s network to service in-store returns.

According to Doddle’s chief executive Tim Robinson “58% of customers collecting or returning a package at one of Doddle’s partner locations made an in-store purchase,” providing motivation for both physical retailers and online-only retailers to adopt the service.

“The way we shop has changed dramatically — and continues to change,” Robison added.

“Consumers move fluidly between online and offline shopping, driven by a need for speed, convenience and value. But we’ve seen that much of the retail industry is still thinking and behaving in silos. We want to help retailers bridge that gap between their online and offline worlds.”

“Through our technology and partners, we are able to help each stakeholder in the retail space — from brands to logistics providers to customers — get a better experience in an increasingly complex and challenging landscape. Overseas, our existing partners have been thrilled with the results of our services, and we are very excited to help US retailers achieve the same.”

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