Asda pledges to remove plastic bags from online deliveries

Asda Christmas Savings card bonuses customer loyalty
Asda aims to encourage customers to save money & collect bonuses with the Christmas savings card (Image: Shutterstock)
// Asda will scrap plastic bags for online deliveries from July 31
// It aims to save over 500 tonnes of plastic a year
// It has already removed 6500 tonnes of plastic from own-brand packaging since 2018

Asda has pledged to scrap plastic carrier bags that it currently uses for online orders in a bid to save over 500 tonnes of plastic each year.

The Big 4 grocer is the latest retailer in the UK to up the ante on the war against plastic as it aims to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bags, following Boots’ announcement last month that it would replace plastic with paper bags.

The initiative, which begins on July 31, means online deliveries will arrive to customers without bags, as Asda plans to remove around 85 million plastic bags from production each year.

Asda said the move means it will save over 500 tonnes of plastic a year, following a “successful” trial period in south-west England and from Dartford.

Last year, the supermarket stopped handing out single-use bags in its stores, said the latest initiative will make it the first to axe single-use bags from its operations.

“We’re working hard to reduce avoidable plastic wherever we can – because helping to reduce its impact on the environment matters to us, and we know it matters to our customers too,” Asda vice president for online grocery Simon Gregg said.

“This is a simple change but will have a significant impact on the amount of plastic we use as a business.”

Asda said it has removed 6500 tonnes of plastic from its own-brand packaging since 2018, and in recent months, many other retailers have joined the war on plastic.

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  1. As good as this is what about people with allergies who like to keep their shopping separate (and don’t want to have to do 2 separate shops for gluten/dairy and non-gluten/non-dairy foods.) None of the Big 4 or any shop really cares about people with allergies to the point they don’t even offer safe “free from” options as they tend to be made on factory lines with the very allergens they state they are “free from”. For people with allergies they (and other Supermarkets who will no doubt follow suit must provide a safe alternate to keep food separate and safe.

  2. Precisely. Also, how about paper sacks like Walmart uses in the USA. I have a lung issue & have to put groceries away very slowly as lifting is a problem for me. Plus multiple medical conditions that hamper my ability to move stuff at a fast pace. I’m particular who enters my home, especially if the weather is not good. Can’t ask the delivery people to remove their shoes!!
    Paper sacks please Asda/ Walmart.


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