Retail Gazette Loves: Morrisons donating 100,000 Easter eggs to families

As this year's Easter weekend nears, Morrisons announces it will be donating 100,000 chocolate eggs to those in need.
Morrisons customers will be able to donate additional Easter Eggs at special Easter Egg Donation Stations.

As this year’s Easter weekend nears, Morrisons will be donating 100,000 chocolate eggs to those in families need.

Morrisons Community Champions at all stores across the nation will be working with local food banks, schools and community groups to distribute the Easter treats to individuals and families who would benefit most.

Each of Morrisons 497 stores will receive a dedicated delivery of more than 200 Easter eggs, including household favourites like Smarties and Creme Egg, which will be set aside, ready to donate.

Customers will also have the opportunity to get involved, with the Big 4 grocer setting up “Easter Egg Donation Stations” in every store where customers can drop off additional eggs they have purchased.

The supermarket wants to raise the spirits of the nation and spread some hope and joy across local communities ahead of lockdown restrictions being eased next month.

“We know that celebratory occasions can come at an additional cost to families, but we want to make sure that no-one goes without Easter eggs this year,” Morrisons customer and community director Rebecca Singleton said.

“Across the UK we’ll be donating 100,000 eggs to local communities where they are needed most.”

The Easter egg giveaway is part of Morrisons £5 million drive to keep the nation’s food banks stocked by manufacturing additional products which are then donated directly to local communities.

The £5 million donation, announced in January, adds to the £10 million worth of food that Morrisons donated in 2020.

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