Ikea on track to become climate positive by 2030

Ikea store
Sections of Ikea's giant stores will be used to fulfil online orders
// Inter Ikea, the brand owner of Ikea, said it was on track to become climate positive – reducing more greenhouse emissions than its value chain emits – by 2030
// Emissions fell 6% in its year to August 2021 as Ikea used more renewable energy in its operations

Ikea has revealed it is on track to become climate positive by 2030 as its annual carbon emissions fell 6% from pre-pandemic levels.

Brand owner Inter Ikea said emissions across the business, from raw material production to customers’ use and disposal of products, hit 26.2 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in the 12 months to August, 2021, 6% lower than the 27.9 million tonnes produced in 2019.

However, emissions were above 2020’s levels, when emissions were artificially low because of store closures amid the pandemic.

The drop in total emissions in its 2021 year mainly came from Ikea’s focus to use more renewable energy across operations, as well as a larger share of its sales coming from more energy efficient light bulbs and plant based food.

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Inter Ikea chief executive Jon Abrahamsson said he was was confident on reaching its target to be climate positive – reducing more greenhouse gas emissions than its value chain emits – by 2030.

He said: “”We have (since baseline year 2016) managed to do a third of what our ambition is for 2030 so we are well on track. Then there are big challenges ahead and we need to put all our energy and efforts into securing that we continue on a positive trend towards this goal,” he said in an interview.

IKEA increased global sales retail sales to 41.9 billion euros in its 2021 financial year despite global supply chain disruption as consumers spent more on their homes.

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