Saturday, June 19, 2021

Amazon Dash allows you to build grocery basket without visiting website

Amazon has ramped up its online grocery service with the introduction of Dash, less than three months after AmazonFresh was launched in London.

The online retail giant said Dash was a “quick and easy way to place a grocery order” by scanning a product barcode or saying the name of a product to automatically add items to their basket so it‘s ready to be purchased next time the customer visits Amazon.

In other words, Dash essentially allows customers to build their shopping list without having to browse through Amazon on a smartphone, tablet or computer. It learns as it is used and enables customers to keep track of their grocery lists.

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“We‘re all used to trying to remember the contents of the fridge and kitchen cupboard and scribbling down reminders on pieces of paper,” AmazonFresh vice president Ajay Kavan said.

“With Dash, at any given time, customers can keep track of products when they come to mind and scan to reorder groceries and household essentials as soon as they run out. 

“Dash has been designed to continually learn as customers use it.”

Dash is available for AmazonFresh customers in 128 London postcodes from now until August 28.

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