Tesco to scrap plastic bags from deliveries

Tesco plastic
// Tesco will stop using plastic bags for deliveries from August 19
// Groceries will arrive in reusable green trays
// Tesco will continue to use red plastic bags to separate raw meat & fish due to government guidelines

Tesco has said it will stop using plastic carrier bags in its deliveries as the demand for sustainability grows.

The Big 4 leader has become the UK’s second major grocer to come forward and announce the initiative, after Asda revealed earlier this month that it would stop using plastic bags for deliveries from August.

From August 19, Tesco groceries will arrive in reusable green trays to take deliveries straight into customers’ kitchens.

Tesco will continue to use red plastic bags to separate raw meat and fish due to government guidelines, but customers can choose to recycle those bags by giving them back to the delivery driver.

With this initiative, Tesco said at least 250 million fewer carrier bags will be used each year, which means almost 2000 tonnes of plastic will come out of production annually.

The grocer had initially trialled scrapping plastic bags from deliveries across 33 stores for 28 weeks, which proved to be successful.

“Removing carrier bags from our online shopping is one of the many ways we are making changes to help customers reduce their use of plastic,” Tesco quality director Sarah Bradbury said.

“Right now, we’re reviewing all our packaging, including plastic, looking to remove where possible.

“Where it’s not right to remove we will reduce, help customers reuse and ensure all packaging can be recycled.

“Our scale means a simple, straightforward change can have such a big impact.”

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  1. How can I separate my shopping for milk and no dairy items. This isn’t fair. I’m all for less or no plastics but this is unfair to people with allergies. I’m going to have to make 2 orders a week now. Tut tut.

  2. Great idea but my flat/kitchen does not have room for trays anywhere.Bags I can carry through and place on floor till contents put in store

  3. I leave my shopping in the hall until I am ready to put it away in the kitchen. frozen and chilled get put away as quickly as I can then the rest can wait for a couple of days if I am not well enough . How big are these trays and how will I handle them whilst sitting in my wheelchair and propelling myself along with no free hands? Why can’t they be put into brown paper bags? Definitely won’t be using Tesco ever again.

  4. Good idea but as previous people have said how is this going to help disabled and elderly people? going to help

  5. Why don’t they put the option of having our shopping put in bag for life bags instead of the normal plastic bags, i normally take the bags from the driver at the door and leave them there till the driver is done/gone then i take my shopping into my kitchen.

  6. There are no lids on their crates so if it rains everything gets wet. They haven’t thought of disabled people, people with allergies or even religious people who need to keep certain foods separate. So many people on T.witter saying they are cancelling their delivery saver and orders because of bagless. I require bags because I’m disabled and require a reasonable adjustment which Tesco haven’t thought of. People saying it’s because of laziness don’t understand the situation and their comments are unkind and typical of social media. This is very unfair to lifelong customers who rely on online deliveries. As someone who has reduced plastics in all areas of my life I’ve suggested compostable bags like the Co-Op have done but they are sticking to their bagless policy. 3Q / 4Q profits will be interesting.

  7. I am disabled and cannot cope with trays and boxes from a wheelchair. We used to manage with thick paper carrier bags with string handles and that was in ww2. I support the effort but none of the super markets have thought it through properly.


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