Tesco urges suppliers to pause office visits amid coronavirus outbreak

Tesco coronavirus suppliers
Tesco told suppliers to consider using other arrangements such as conference calls
// Tesco calls off face-to-face meetings with suppliers to prevent coronavirus spread
// The grocer aims to minimise human contact
// Tesco informed suppliers that it has a “dedicated team in place” to monitor the situation

Tesco has reportedly called off face-to-face meetings with suppliers in a bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The grocer wrote in an email to suppliers on Wednesday that it wanted to minimise human contact as much as possible due to the coronavirus outbreak, The Grocer reported.

Tesco informed suppliers that it has a “dedicated team in place” to monitor the situation as it develops.


The Big 4 leader requested its suppliers to minimise visits to Tesco offices and consider using other arrangements such as conference calls.

It also issued advice from health authorities to suppliers for those who had to make emergency visits to its offices.

The news comes after reports of “panic-buying” increased due to the outbreak, which has led to the likelihood of empty shelves.

On Tuesday, UK grocers drew up their “feed the nation” plans aimed at alleviating the increased stockpiling brought on by the outbreak.

Under these plans, grocers would work with suppliers to scale back the variety of foods and groceries available.

The partnership means both will instead focus on maintaining supplies of staple products.

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  1. How come Tesco have stopped face to face visits from suppliers at their offices yet it’s OK for your shop workers to go to work who are in contact with the public at all times. Double standards.

  2. My daughter went to shop this Mor, a NHS worker, she could not get anywhere near, people queuing for opening time, maybe if you open for NHS workers when shop officially closed, later or earlier.Anyway keep up the good work.


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