Saturday, July 31, 2021
Tracy Barton

5 Minutes With Tracy Barton, Retail Stores Director, Well

It's been less than a month since Tracy Barton was appointed to the role of retail stores director for pharmacy chain Well. For this week's...
Body Shop

Could The Body Shop benefit from being sold?

This week cosmetics giant L‘Oréal announced it was considering the sale of one of Britain‘s most iconic retailers: The Body Shop. The country's love affair...
Valentine‘s Day

Retail vs Leisure: The battle for Valentine’s Day 2017

Among the many unexpected trends we saw in retail over the last year was the significant shift towards spending in the leisure industry, as...

COMMENT: Overcoming the taboo of going into business with friends

The old adage that one should never mix business with pleasure is rather tired, and should not be taken as gospel. Running a business...

Retail Gazette Loves: Ocado’s robot packing arm

Online grocery retailer Ocado has been working on a robotic “soft manipulation” project which aims to automate the packing of fragile items in its...

5 Minutes With Samantha Crutchlow, Head of Design & Sales, OKAYLA

It's no secret that the influence and popularity of sports attire has become such a big part of the world of mainstream fashion in...
consumer confidence

Consumer confidence explained

Is consumer confidence a product of a turbulent and confusing economic landscape or are the results simply inaccurate?
Sir Ken Morrison

Retail Gazette Loves: Sir Ken Morrison

Sir Ken Morrison was a man respected not only his inherent talent for business, but for his sharp wit and straight-talking manner.
Kim Bayley, CEO, Entertainment Retailers Association

Big Interview: Kim Bayley, CEO, Entertainment Retailers Association

Last year was an incredibly turbulent year for retail. From the downfall of many historic retailers to the ailing fashion industry, to the paradigm...

5 Minutes With Olivia Cantillon, Co-founder,

Ahead of its launch, the Retail Gazette caught up with co-founder Olivia Cantillon to find out more about

Feature Resource

Supermarket Report: COVID-19 & Operational Shifts in Europe

The pandemic is reshaping the grocery retail landscape. Our Supermarket Report delivers key insights on evolving consumer behaviours and looks into sustainable solutions to...